Act 4 Scene 1

Othello falls into an epileptic seizure after Iago tells him about how Desdemona and Cassio have been fooling around together. Cassio then enters, but is asked to leave by Iago. After recovering, Othello agrees to hide as Iago speaks to him about Desdemona, but in reality they engage in a joking conversation of Bianca instead. Othello misinterprets Cassio's laughs as referring to Desdemona. This makes the jealous Othello even more mad at Cassio. Then, at Iago's suggestion, Othello and Iago plot the demise of the two after Cassio has left.

Lodovico has also arrived, bringing orders from the Duke recalling Othello and leaving Cassio as Governor. Othello is angered by this and Desdemona begins talking about Cassio in Othello's presence. Othello then hits Desdemona, shocking Lodovico.

Act 4 Scene 2

Othello questions Emilia about Desdemona's relationship with Cassio. Othello then openly calls Desdemona a whore straight to her face. Desdemona seeks Iago's guidance, who tells her that Othello is just disturbed for awhile and that it will pass. Roderigo then enters and protests to Iago that he is not winning Desdemona's favor. Iago replies by saying Desdemona will leave unless he can stop them. Iago tells Roderigo that the best way to stop her would be to kill Cassio.

Act 4 Scene 3

After dinner, Othello orders Desdemona to return to her room, and she does. There, Desdemona sings the "Willow's Song", and she and Emilia discuss their marriges.

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